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Detection Of Nozzle Of High Pressure Cleaning Machine

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-14      Origin:Site

When we use the high-pressure cleaner many times, the nozzle may be damaged. The damaged High Pressure Nozzles will affect the cleaning effect. Here we introduce two ways to judge the replacement of the high-pressure nozzle.

1. Compared with the use effect of the new high-pressure nozzle, it is obvious that the use effect of the new product cannot be reached, it is necessary to replace the nozzle in time to avoid affecting the cleaning effect and unable to play the role and value of the machine.

2. Test the pressure of the high-pressure pump. If the pressure display is abnormal, it may be caused by serious wear or blockage of the nozzle. In both cases, we need to replace the high-pressure nozzle to avoid damage to the high-pressure cleaner and achieve a good cleaning effect.


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