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High Pressure Cleaning Machine Common 5 Kinds Of Fault maintenance

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-14      Origin:Site

  Long time use and lack of maintenance of the High Pressure Cleaning Machine will be used when the failure, we share the following 5 common failures and solutions, so as not to affect the normal use of customers.

1. Abnormal sound occurs when using

The main reason is that the motor bearing is short of oil, and ordinary butter is injected into the oil hole of the motor in time.

2, the pressure is not stable

The main reason is caused by the high-pressure water pump or the air inhaled in the intake pipe. Check whether the pressure of the water source is enough and whether the inlet filter is blocked. If blocked, clean with water.

3. Stress reduction

The main reason is the wear of the nozzle, here to declare that we are equipped with high-pressure nozzle are overheated treatment. Secondly, check the pressure regulating valve and the sealing components inside the water pump.

4, high-pressure water pump abnormal sound

The main cause is air being sucked into the pump, or a broken flow valve spring, or a broken crankcase bearing. Please contact us if this phenomenon occurs.

5, the pressure is normal, the high-pressure gun does not water

The main reason is that the high-pressure nozzle has a foreign body blockage, the need to clean the high-pressure nozzle.


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