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High Pressure Garden Hose Filter for Pressure Washer Inlet Water

  • 【Package Included】1-piece Inline hose filter (40 mesh screen), 1-piece 100 mesh screen, 2-pieces hose washers and 3-pieces filter washers.
  • 【3/4" Thread Design】Sediment filter has 3/4" Male Inlet and 3/4" Female Outlet. The max working pressure up to 80 PSI. The max working temperature is 140℉.
  • 【Two size Mesh screen】100 mesh and 40 mesh screen can be chosen by your actual needs. 100 mesh screen can be captured some smaller debris.
  • 【Connection】 Hose water filter can connect to pressure washer inlet, standard garden hose and home water spigot.
  • 【Applications】 Designed to stop grit, particles or debris from entering the pump. Apply to all kinds of cleaning machines for car washing. The garden hose inlet filter is easy to maintain and use.
  • MO510

Agricultural 50 Mesh Large Flow Filter
Plastic+Stainless Steel
Connection size
20 mm, 25 mm
Under 60 degree
New high transparent material
304 stainless steel precision strainer
brass thread screw

Match with

rubber hose, pressure gun


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