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Portable Mini High Pressure Car Wash for Home&Garden

⦁Powerful motor: Powerful motor produces maximum water pressure of 1400Power and a maximum flow rate of 5L.
⦁TSS (Total Stop System): automatically shuts down the pump when there is no trigger to save energy and extend the service life of the pump.
⦁Accessories: Includes extension rod, 20 ft high-pressure hose, garden hose adapter, high-pressure brush, and foam pot
⦁Pressure: Maximum rated pressure according to CSA test standards. Maximum internal pressure is 1350psi. At typical loads, the operating pressure is 870 psi.
  • MO-1502

VoltagePowerW.pressureSizeWeightRated FlowCertificateMotormachinet
100V-240V1400-1600W65-120bar23*25*46.5cm6.2kg5L/minRosh/CE/SGbrush motorAuto Stop

Match with

high pressure gun, high pressure hose, nozzle, fliter, Quick Connect, brush


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