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Stainless Steel Filter

⦁Good material: the washers are made of stainless steel and quality rubber, durable for you to use
⦁Size detail: outside diameter is 1 inch/ 24 mm, inside diameter is 9/ 16 inch/ 16.6 cm, compatible with 5/ 8 inch washing machine and 3/4 inch garden hose
⦁Function: fits hand held hoses and some shower heads to filter sand and gravel to reduce the possibility of nozzle clogging
⦁Design: the rubber washer with stainless steel filter mesh, serves as a flow restrictor can reduce the waste of water effectively
  • MO509

SizeItem Weight:Material
3.94*2.56*0.59mm1.13 ouncesstainless steel, rubberbrass

Match with

High pressure washer, high pressure hose


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