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Triangle Brush Handle

·Upgrade Design:holder coupler makes it easier to install nozzles, non-slip to protect your finger
·Scientific Design:The soft brush eliminates surface dirt without damaging the surface, and provide a gentle scrubbing action that is safe for any surface. The rotating brush works under water pressure and is more efficient to clean
·Compatibility:Rotary wash brush with 1/4 inch quick release coupling for high pressure washers. Also it compatible with all karcher K2、K3、K4、K5、K6、K7 k series
·Application:This high pressure rotary cleaning brush is suitable for cleaning painted surfaces such as vehicles, alloys, outdoor furniture, boats, and other flat surfaces, including window panes and stucco

  • MO602

Max temperatureSizeBody Material
60℃/140℉7*7.5*35cmEngineering Plastic

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High pressure gun


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