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  • Matters Needing Attention For High Pressure Cleaning Machine

    Now High Pressure Cleaning Machine is widely used in all areas of life, so the matters needing attention in the use of high-pressure cleaning machine, also need us to pay more attention to.1. Check the loosening of screws or nuts of various parts before starting the high-pressure cleaning machine.

  • Detection Of Nozzle Of High Pressure Cleaning Machine

    When we use the high-pressure cleaner many times, the nozzle may be damaged. The damaged High Pressure Nozzles will affect the cleaning effect. Here we introduce two ways to judge the replacement of the high-pressure nozzle.1. Compared with the use effect of the new high-pressure nozzle, it is obvio

  • The Difference Of Three Nozzles Of High Pressure Cleaning Machine

    The High Pressure Cleaning Nozzle is usually divided into three kinds: cylindrical nozzle, fan nozzle, and special-shaped nozzle. We need to choose a suitable nozzle to face different use environments.Cylindrical nozzle This type of nozzle is the more common continuous nozzle, often using this di

  • High Pressure Cleaning Machine Common 5 Kinds Of Fault maintenance

    Long time use and lack of maintenance of the High Pressure Cleaning Machine will be used when the failure, we share the following 5 common failures and solutions, so as not to affect the normal use of customers.1. Abnormal sound occurs when usingThe main reason is that the motor bearing is short o

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