High Pressure Washer Scrubber with Rotating Mechanism

3300PSI surface cleaning brush

High Pressure Washer Scrubber with Rotating Mechanism

Rated pressure: 3300PSI, including 2 1/4″ quick connection extension rods.
It can be used with most washing machines that meet the pressure requirements.
This Surface Cleaner is very convenient and can clean concrete driveways, walkways, decks, patios, etc. with great efficiency, and can also be used on vertical surfaces such as brick walls, stucco and other wall panels.

High Pressure Washer Plastic Scrubber with Built-in Rotating Mechanism 15 Degree Spray Angle Car Various Floor Cleaning Tool

Feature :

1. It can be applied to the cleaning of various scenes such as pvc floor, epoxy floor, wear-resistant floor, terrazzo, etc.
2.3600psi high strength water pressure
3. Built-in rotating structure, through high-speed rotation, increase cleaning ability
4.1/4 quick plug-in type, convenient and fast
5.2 nozzles of 1.5 caliber, 15° spray angle

Product Details:

Size: 15 inches
Interface: 1/4 quick plug
Maximum working pressure: 22.7Mpa
Maximum operating temperature: 60°
Orifice model: 2*1.5mm
Purpose: cleaning walkways, parking lots, swimming pools, terraces, etc.
Spraying distance: 8m
Weight: 1.8kg

Water pressure: 3300psi




1/4 quick plug

Max Pressure


Orifice model


Spraying distance


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